Club To Club 2023 mixes contemporary music genres | Festival report

Posted on 03 November, 2023

The first day of the Club To Club festival in Turin took place at Cantieri OGR. In a stunning post-industrial location, both Italians and international artists from various contemporary music genres come together. The evening begins with Reptilian Expo, a Milanese artist who hosts a program as a resident at Radio Raheem. Reptilian Expo’s set surprises with stylistic choices in the mix, moving between dirty sounds, noise, and samples from the vast world of the internet. It serves as a forward-thinking and contemporary warm-up.

A noise-rock revelation

Next on the OGR stage is the transgender American guitarist Rachika Nayar. Her performance skillfully blends ambient and drone landscapes with bursts of noisy guitars. The result is an experience of sonic ambient tones that see the highest decibel levels of the evening.

The lineup selection proves more than fitting when the revelation of noise rock in 2023, the American band Model/Actriz, takes the stage. Welcomed warmly by the audience, the New Yorkers perform their main songs from their critically acclaimed latest album, Dogsbody. The opener, Donkey Show, with its long noise intro, builds anticipation for the performance, culminating in a mosh pit worthy of a true punk concert. The bass and drum rhythms drive the frenzied spectators to push and dance with extraordinary energy. The concert’s overwhelming energy leads the singer, Cole Haden, to dive into the crowd to sing, escorted by security. This moment provides moments of glory for photographers and fans who can let loose alongside their favorite artist. For a total performance covering approximately one hour of non-stop music, Model/Actriz performs songs like Amaranth, Pure Mode and Mosquito, transporting listeners to a modern noise inferno.

Electronic comeback

The stage change brings a complete change of context with Caroline Polachek‘s DJ set. The eclectic American artist will also perform the following day at the Lingotto stage. To counterbalance the rock-inspired atmosphere of the previous performances, Caroline Polachek selects numerous tracks from today’s electronic landscape. The audience receives the selection positively, crowding the center of OGR to dance to the rhythm of hyperpop, South American music, and contemporary techno tracks.

The closing act of the first day of the festival is by Spiritual Sauna. A Milanese duo from Porta Venezia, who have also performed at other Italian electronic festivals like the Lost Music Festival. The mix offered by the Italians engages the audience, even at a late hour, to dance tirelessly until the festival’s closing.

Get ready for the next days!

The first day of Club To Club serves as an excellent warm-up for the following days of the event and provides a unique experience that allows spectators to appreciate fragments of both the Italian and international music scenes. In the post-industrial context of Cantieri OGR, the event creates an avant-garde and innovative atmosphere that makes attending the festival a must.

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