Hypercritic Summer Festival 2021 | A celebration

Posted on 15 July, 2021

Hypercritic was born one year ago, on July 11, 2020
In July 2021 the Hypercritic community celebrates with the first Hypercritic Summer Festival.

We have asked Hypercritics worldwide to share their favorite records from our Collection, giving life to the first (digital) Hypercritic Summer Festival.

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In 12 months, we have achieved some memorable milestones:

  • 80 authors from around the world are contributing to building our vast archive of cultural experiences.
  • 9 sections to tell you about movies, books, music, art, TV series, poetry, comics, video games, and sports.
  • 88 women Poets, 40 Countries, and 23 languages gave life to our first Poetry Marathon#HypercriticPoethon2021 – #88Poetstochagetheworld held on the week of the Unesco World Poetry Day.
  • 1 international recognition from the European Cultural Foundation, which awarded us as an initiative capable of shaping culture after the pandemic.

We became part of the World Economic Forum’s Pioneers of Change.

We got in touch with inspirational realities – Citizens’ Platform, the European Cultural Parliament, Torino Film Lab, Nesta Italia – which have shared and expanded our vision.

Now it’s time to celebrate our first anniversary! 

We are proud of what we have achieved so far: Hypercritic is a dream come true.

With your support, we want to make it grow into the most powerful storytelling experience ever written by a global, multicultural and diverse creative collective.

Thanks from the bottom of our hearts to our authors and everybody who believes in our project.

How to become a Hypercritic

Write to info@hypercritic.org, tell us something about you, and we’ll give you all the information concerning Hypercritic.

Special thanks to:

Davide Tiberga
Antonella Massaro
GIorgio Reclama
Andrea Donini
Vanessa Cammarota
Isabella Cagna
Federica Gandolfo
Helena Santidrián Mas
Giulia Orati
Valeria Usala
Maria Luisa Da Rold
Maria Chiara Pacifici
Marco Massera
Agnese Mosconi
Skye Kuppig
Irene Rubino
Jordi Ferrer Torres
Giovanni Di Rienzo

Valentina Manganaro
Cristina Danini
Nicola Maria Fioni
Annamaria Russo
Gabriele Iuliano
Mariarosa Palamara
Carmen De Nisi
Flavia Di Mauro
Elena Traina
Margherita Pescarin
Matilde Castagnone
Luisa Zhou
Giulia Viganò
Nadia Corvino
Harold Bloom
Marta Mattalia
Christian Jennings

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