Messa @ Legend Club | One night of pure Italian Doom Metal

Posted on 23 December, 2022

One cold night in December, Italian doom metal band Messa (Mass) performed at the Legend Club in Milan. The band, hailing from Cittadella, a medieval city near Padua, northern Italy, brought their unique blend of heavy, emotive sound to a packed crowd, performing eight songs.

Before the Mass begins

Before Messa took the stage, fans were treated to performances by two opening acts: Di’Aul, a stoner band hailing from Pavia, and Eralise, a nu-metal/crossover band from Milan. Both bands put on energetic and engaging sets, warming up the crowd and preparing them for the main event.

Di’Aul, who kicked off the evening’s sets, brought a heavy and groovy sound to the stage, with rumbling basslines and crunchy guitar riffs setting the tone. The band’s lead vocalist commanded the stage with his powerful presence, leading the crowd through a 45-minute set of stoner anthems that had fans headbanging and dancing along. Each song was met with cheers and applause from the crowd, as the band’s catchy and energetic music kept the energy high.

Images courtesy of Fabio Oriani photographer

Eralise, who played next, brought a more aggressive and energetic sound to the stage, with fast-paced riffs and rap vocals. The band’s mix of nu-metal and crossover influences was evident in their music, as they played catchy songs.

Overall, both opening bands set the stage well for Messa and received a positive response from the crowd. It was clear that both bands have a strong following in the Milan area, and it’s likely that they’ll be making more appearances at the Legend Club and other venues in the region.

Tradition and experiment

Before the band took to the stage, the hype in the room was high, with fans eagerly anticipating the show’s start. Frontwoman Sara, led the charge with her raw and angelic vocals, while the rest of the band expertly navigated the complex and often doom-laden instrumentation.

Sara Bianchin from Messa live at Legend Club in Milano
Sara Bianchin from Messa
Images courtesy of Fabio Oriani photographer

The band’s signature sound, which blends elements of traditional doom metal with more experimental and ethnic influences, was on full display throughout the night, as they played tracks like Babalon, Suspended, and Leah. The enthusiastic crowd met each song with applause and headbanging.

One of the night’s highlights was the performance of Pilgrim. A slower, more contemplative track, it showcases the band’s ability to create emotional and reflective music. The song was met with applause and a sea of swaying bodies, as the band’s powerful and evocative sound washed over the audience.

The band closed out their main set with the electrifying Rubedo, leaving fans wanting more as they left the stage. However, the evening was far from over, as the band returned for a rousing encore performance of Enoch, sending the already hyped-up crowd into a frenzy.

Some fresh air in the Italian metal scene

Messa‘s performance at the Legend Club left fans eager for more and looking forward to the band’s next show. Their talent and experience as musicians were on full display throughout the night, and their raw and emotive sound was a testament to the power and passion of doom metal.

Alberto from Messa
Images courtesy of Fabio Oriani photographer

Messa‘s performance featured a strong stage presence and connection with the audience. The band members seemed to enjoy being on stage and interacting with the crowd, and this energy was contagious. The band members smiled and engaged with fans at several points throughout the night, creating a sense of intimacy and connection that added an extra layer to the performance.

The stage design and lighting also contributed to the atmosphere of the show. The band opted for a minimalistic setup, with sparsely placed instruments and a black, empty stage. This served to focus the attention on the music itself, rather than any distractions. The dim lighting and use of dry ice added mystery to the moody, atmospheric vibe of the evening, and the red and purple stage lights added a touch of drama.

The sound quality at the Legend Club was good. Each instrument coming through clearly and the vocals well-balanced. This was important for a band like Messa, whose music relies heavily on precise and intricate instrumentation.

An unforgettable night with Messa
Images courtesy of Fabio Oriani photographer

Overall, the evening was memorable for doom-metal fans. The band’s talent and passion were on full display, and their emotive and powerful sound left a lasting impression on the audience.

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