Club to Club 23 | The best acts and what to hold on to from them

Posted on 14 November, 2023

Like a circular motion that starts from a point and remains in orbit, life experiences take you back, but with a new awareness. The twenty-first edition of Club To Club, in Turin from 2 to 5 November, was a test of maturity for the organization. As if anything in the premises could raise any doubt as to how much innovation could be brought to a festival that has now consolidated itself as crucial for the electronic music scene in Italy. In this case, attention to detail played a decisive role in the success of the festival. Better organized locations and attention to what the audiences wanted were crucial.

Duality between exhibitions

When it came to the program, the use of the individual days of the festival locations itself is circular. It starts on Thursday at OGR and ends on Sunday in the same location. Meanwhile, the two days of Lingotto remain suspended as if asleep in a dream from which it is difficult to wake up. OGR’s musical proposal is stylistically different from Lingotto’s. In addition to adapting the lineup to today’s music landscape, the organization also adapts the sound to the spaces. The post-industrial context of the OGR industrial area, in line with Marinetti‘s futuristic vision, offers more up-and-coming artists. Experimental, ethically controversial, ethereal at times, shocking at others.

Francesca Heart‘s performance is a perfect example of this. Two figures on the dark stage, Francesca Heart covered by a cloth, writhing, casting her shadow on the fabric. Regno Maggiore provides soundtracks to the performance while lighting the incense which inebriates the imposing location of OGR. The future and the past are in palpable synchrony with each other.

Francesco Heart & Regno Maggiore performance in OGR

By inserting this type of performance from a niche context, i.e. at the opening of the festival’s last day at OGR, into the broader one of the gigantic Lingotto events, the understanding of the Club To Club format takes shape.

What worked best

The festival’s diverse musical offerings allowed the audience to explore themselves. In the central days of the festival, held in Lingotto between Friday and Saturday, we compete with enormous spaces. And consequently, so are the artists you will be able to see. Overmono and Flying Lotus‘ performances were electrifying and breathtaking. The addition of the new LED walls across the entire surface of the Lingotto area made the experience even more immersive.

Led-wall show inside Lingotto during Overmono

Flying Lotus‘ performance lived up to expectations, projecting listeners into a kaleidoscopic experience. Musically there were artists who did better, such as the epic performance of Evian Christ or the surprising megalithic performance of the Malaysian Tzusing. But the quality of the sound proposed by Flying Lotus’ mix is crystal clear, and he even included a part rapped by him personally.

In addition to these noteworthy performances, compliments must be paid to the organization of Club to Club. This year, details have been added for the Lingotto days that have made the experience of using the festival more enjoyable. The addition of a shuttle service made it easier for people to travel around Turin even later. Furthermore, a large corridor has been opened that connects the two stages. The transition between the Main and Stone Island stages in Lingotto has been facilitated in this way. This is for the benefit of timing so as not to miss any overlapping performances. Also featuring a hypnotic light show.

The corridor between the Main Stage and the Stone Island Stage

What didn’t worked

There were a few gremlins during the festival. Sometimes selections for artists in the lineup could have been different. For example, the long-awaited performance of Yves Tumor took place really early, around 9 pm. In a still rather cold location, Yves Tumor’s concert seemed lacking in bite. It was a shame for a live performer like him, known for wild concerts.

Yves Tumor plays on Main Stage in C2C23

Furthermore, having more than two locations would have been interesting. Although OGR and Lingotto are both two consolidated and revitalised locations, the magic of visiting various places in Turin has been lost. Reggia di Venaria, Fondazione Sandretto Re Rebaudengo, Mirafiori Motor Village are just some of the locations proposed in previous editions of the festival, which have been eliminated this year. This change distorted the central concept of the festival, which was born as a musical vernissage to be experienced by moving from one club to another in Turin.

The bottom line

Currently it is difficult to find a festival in Italy that offers a better product than Club To Club. The decades of experience in organizing a large event plays a fundamental role. By smoothing out the edges year after year, the experience has become more and more enjoyable. Whether you decide to participate in a single day of the festival or in the entire package of events. It is an event open to all, offering different musical genres for all ages.

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