Energizing Utopia | The electrifying live aura of Travis Scott

Posted on 14 July, 2023

On June 30, Travis Scott shows up for his first date ever in Italy at I-Days Festival 2023 at Ippodromo Snai La Maura in Milan. The Italian leg of his tour didn’t disappoint, with approximately 80,000 fans on hand for Travis’s arrival in Italy. On 28th July, will also be the right moment to listen to his new album, Utopia. After legal controversies surrounding Travis following the Astroworld Festival crowd crush in Houston, the artist had to dedicate time and energy to legal proceedings and the studio. However, following recent developments, the authorities closed the case in favor of the artist. So exactly one day before the concert in Milan, Travis received good news. Excellent prerequisites for having a Travis in La Flame version in Milan. Bad weather with rain didn’t spoil the atmosphere for those present, who were already dancing and having fun from the early afternoon.

Travis Scott exudes energy in his live shows

Warm-up: AVA + Capoplaza and guests

After a quick run to the barricades, attendees had already packed the venue before the opening of the gates at 5 p.m. Security and barriers divided the pit from the outer areas of the racetrack to prevent overcrowding and crushing incidents.

DJ AVA, Capoplaza‘s beatmaker, warmed up the crowd. With fans already jostling to secure the best views, a dancefloor was formed by 6 p.m. AVA delivered a DJ set featuring the major hits of the American and Italian rap/trap scene, with Rondodasosa and Medy as guests on stage.

Among the hit songs, Just Wanna Rock by Lil Uzi VertLove Sosa by Chief KeefPraise The Lord by A$AP Rocky ft. Skepta can be mentioned, as other genre classics.

At 7:30 PM, Capoplaza takes the stage, with AVA in the background playing with beats. Salerno’s rapper ignites the crowd with his hits, such as Giovane FuoriclasseAllenamento #4, and Pookie, delivering a total of about 50 minutes of the concert, with Anna Pepe as a guest.

Let the show begin

After Capoplaza’s performance, Travis Scott kept the crowd waiting for over an hour. But soon, the anticipation, accompanied by chants of all kinds and water bottle tosses by stewards for survival, would be forgotten. In fact, Travis Scott’s entrance is breathtaking, full of energy, with Aye, the new feature track from Pink Tape, the latest album by Lil Uzi Vert.

Two giant screens frame the stage, minimalist but equipped with smoke machines and flame jets. Strobe lights and dazzling effects complete a stage setup that enhances minimalism. It is well-known the significance and attention that the Houston artist Travis Scott pays to the world of fashion. From his custom sneaker releases with Nike that thrill resellers to his outfits with luxury brands like Balenciaga. In the center, Travis Scott looks like an alien, aided by his futuristic attire that accentuates the disconnect between him and other artists. He seems surrounded by a mystical aura, a controversial figure who is an icon of modern music and society.

Dive back on Astroworld

The following two songs come from his record-breaking album, Astroworld, and are Highest in The Room and Butterfly Effect. The mosh pit starts to heat up, and so does the number of people feeling tired. Travis Scott stops the concert to ensure that security attends to some fans who fainted during the beginning of these bangers.

Once the fans are cared for, the show continues with The Scotts, his collaboration with Kid Cudi in 2020 that debuted on the Billboard Top 100, followed by two more Travis Scott tracks. It premiered during Travis Scott’s historic concert held inside the viral multiplayer video game Fortnite.

There is still room for Stargazing, Carousel, and No Bystanders from Astroworld. Along with Mamacita, one of Travis Scott’s early tracks featuring Rich Homie Quan and Young Thug. The crowd dedicated a long chorus to Young Thug. Chanting Free Young Thug, which is significant considering the rapper’s legal situation, one of the first instances in American jurisprudence where the lyrics of an artist’s own songs were used as evidence.

Travis Scott’s collaborations with prominent artists in the American rap scene are also referenced. In fact, he performs Praise God, a song featuring Kanye West and Baby Keem from the album Donda.

Travis Scott playing in Milan

Tribute to collaborations

The concert proceeded at a frenetic pace without significant pauses. Upper Echelon, Lost Forever, and Mafia relentlessly entertained the crowd. Despite the relentless rain, the audience showed no signs of fatigue, engaging in moshpits for practically every song.

Metro Boomin’s latest release, Heroes & Villains includes collaborations such as Raindrops and Trance with the latter featuring a verse by Young Thug recorded shortly before his arrest.

Finally, a moment of respite allowed everyone to catch their breath. During this phase of the concert, Travis encouraged the audience to record videos with the flash on, creating an ethereal atmosphere. Travis performed 90210 from his debut LP, Rodeo released in 2015, as well as Love Galore and Beibs in the trap. He established an intimate atmosphere between himself and the fans, enhancing it with visuals that transformed the image of the American artist. The calm before the storm.

Travis Scott gives goosebumps every time

The concert concluded with some of Travis’s most energetic tracks. Starting with Gatti a historic collaboration with the late rapper Pop Smoke, an everlasting symbol of the American drill scene. The duo of Out West and Antidote, served as a prelude to the two main hits that have created the legend of Travis Scott’s concerts: Sicko Mode and Goosebumps. These songs literally made the San Siro Stadium in Milan tremble as 80,000 people jumped in moshpits, creating an unforgettable evening. On stage, Travis himself declared that the Milan show was the best concert of his life, thanks to the incredible vibes from the fans, and he expressed his eagerness to return to Italy for the Utopia tour.

In conclusion, experiencing Travis Scott live is an unparalleled opportunity that surpasses solo listening, delivering immense energy and forging an extraordinary connection with the audience. The electrifying atmosphere, the pulsating beats, and the captivating stage presence all come together to create an impressive show. Attending a Travis Scott concert is like bathing in a pure sea of energy, leaving you with a profound sense of connection and an indelible memory.

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