The Kominsky Method | Laughter and melancholy
The Kominsky Method | Laughter and melancholy

The Kominsky Method | Laughter and melancholy

Posted on 30 September, 2021




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Intelligence in describing the nature of old age – the last stage of life – desecrating and enveloping it with tenderness. This is The Kominsky Method. A 2018 drama series of 3 seasons and a total of 22 episodes, starring Oscar-winning Michael Douglas and Alan Arkin. And also, another product of the imagination and creativity of Chuck Lorre, known to the general public for being the creator of successful shows such as Dharma & Greg, Two and a Half Men, and The Big Bang Theory.

The acting master

Sandy Kominsky (Michael Douglas) is an elderly actor from Los Angeles, who has dedicated himself to teaching, gaining a reputation as an acting master. Sandy’s existence is disrupted when he is charmed by Lisa (Nancy Travis), a student of an acting class. At the same time, his agent and best friend Norman (Alan Arkin) loses his wife due to an incurable disease. For the acting master, a difficult and sometimes hilarious emotional journey begins. Between his own sentimental situation, and his newfound relationship with a friend – all punctuated by unexpected events typical of the elderly age.

A new/old theme

Old-age: a so deliberately avoided, and now fashionable theme for TV series. Netflix participates (in conjunction with Grace and Frankie) with The Kominsky Method. The originality of these strange couples stands on their affinities, but above all on differences. On the one hand, there is the harsh and pessimistic Norman, who knows he is old. On the other there’s Sandy, categorically refusing to act his by his age. And it’s all because of the fear of the unknown: or better, the fear of getting old. These characters are unusually real. Even prostate sufferers can talk about sex, regardless of the fact that the practice presents some extra complications.

A Lorre thing

The biting cynicism we see in Sheldon (The Big Bang Theory) comes up in some of Norman’s traits and Sandy’s honesty towards others, but never himself. The relationship with himself and his body, as well as his mind, is treated without too much heaviness, but always with the right amount of discomfort. He knows the old age has arrived, he only needs awareness to face it better. Lorre’s writing also comes out through hilarious features of the side characters, which make the series smooth and suitable for binge-watching. In this video Morgan Freeman plays himself and admits he doesn’t understand the correct way to address not binary or gender fluid people, just like Sandy.

Another kind of LA

Los Angeles painted by La La Land as a theater of dreams, aspirations, and shattered love stories becomes a country for old people, defeated by the entertainment industry and the difficulties of life, but still eager to fight and find a glimmer of vitality and irony even in the most difficult situations.

The Kominsky Method won two Golden Globes in 2019 (Best Actor in a musical TV series or comedy to Michael Douglas and Best Musical TV Series or Comedy) and received eight nominations. A TV anomaly for content and staging, but nevertheless a sincere and spontaneous view on the art of getting older.


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