The Flight Attendant | The room where everything changed
The Flight Attendant | The room where everything changed

The Flight Attendant | The room where everything changed

Posted on 06 October, 2021





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One morning Cassie (Kaley Cuoco) wakes up in Bangkok and finds out that the man she spent the night with is dead. She doesn’t remember anything about the night before, except for the fact they have been drinking a lot. But escaping from Thailand won’t allow her to leave the past behind. The events that lead her to become a flight attendant will take her back to the room where everything changed.

The Flight Attendant is a 2020 tv series based on Chris Bohjalian‘s novel of the same title. Nominated for an Emmy Award for Outstanding Comedy Series (at their second post-pandemic edition), the show has been renewed by HBO Max for a second season.

Just one night, just one room

Cassie is young, beautiful, and pretty reckless. Her friends and colleagues suspect she is an alcoholic, but she denies that all the time. On a flight to Bangkok, she starts flirting with Alex (Michiel Huisman), a first-class passenger who invites her to join him for the night. They have fun, eat in the streets, and drink in elegant bars before passion overwhelms them. The morning after, Cassie opens her eyes and sees Alex covered by his own blood. In complete panic, she only manages to clean everything up and run away.

Her escape doesn’t last long. It’s just a stop before all investigations start: the official one about Alex’s murder, the one Cassie tries to take on by herself, but most importantly the one about her past. It’s not the first time someone accuses her of rewriting her life, but she never doubts her memory. Until she forces herself to remember, in order to know what happened in Bangkok. It’s all about what happened in one room, in just one night. A room in which her mind will go back again and again, unlocking memories of her entire life, piece by piece.

The long way home

Cassie’s way home is not easy. As Kaley Cuoco and creator Steve Yockey tell in an interview for The New York Times, the production had to face some issues. They started filming in November 2019 but had to stop due to the Covid-19 pandemic. It was also necessary to readapt some scenes and make some adjustments. This difficult production process reflects the rough path Cassie has to deal with. In leaving Thailand, she thinks she can leave her whole past behind, but she soon discovers it’s not that easy. Alex is involved in something bigger than Cassie could ever imagine.

While she fights to not be accused of murder, she’s forced to deal with the past she has built. Every conversation with Alex’s ghost leads her nearer to the truth about him and about every choice she made. And in doing so, her journey back home – started as an escape from Bangkok – gets revealed as an internal route to knowing herself. Falling in love with a dead man will help her take her life back.


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